The 1970s version of the Millennial

The alcohol industry is concerned that we might trade our beer for bongs as cannabis legalises across various US states.

One strategy is to buy the threat, and we all know that several leafy start-ups have already traded hands for crazy multiples. The Cannabis bubble is in full inflation right now.

The other tempting move is to incorporate the opposition’s benefit in your own product. Enter Blue Moon founder Keith Villa with Ceria Grainwave: a $9 bottle of non-alcoholic Belgian-Style ‘craft beer’ infused with THC.

Apparently the 5mg of product per bottle has been engineered to deliver the bang for its buck in a shorter time than that experienced via more traditional methods, such as inhalation. Really? Does that Reek of marketing? Anyone who’s smoked (or bonged) cannabis knows that the effect is pretty rapid.

Putting efficacy aside, the other part of the pitch is that it’s more socially acceptable to get your dose of happy via a non-alcoholic beer than other methods more traditionally associated with the drug. Consumers can ‘join the party’ without feeling ostracised.

I don’t know, man. It’s a personal opinion, but I’d rather enjoy a beer and keep my legal cannabis routine as something separate. There are already plenty of edibles out there. Beer has a role and ritual all its own, it’s not merely a delivery system. It has its own culture and sociability. And so does cannabis. What do you think: Beer or Bong?

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