Accolade has ambitions to tap into the seemingly limitless potential for Gin.

Having paved the way with the release of a wine and gin fusion, the Echo Falls brand is poised to take a further step into the spirits space with the upcoming launch of Echo Falls Pink Gin: A 37.5% ABV Flavoured Gin, reportedly led by a strawberry aroma, complemented by Juniper. £16 / 70cl.

Designed to appeal to fans of the existing Echo Falls proto-wine world.

In courting fans of its easy drinking Fruit Fusions wine range Echo Falls is staying close to home with its Gin. Structurally, the traditional wine punt (or kick up) is gone. There’s a hint of spirit language in the bottle’s squared-off shoulders and scallops. But the overall effect, driven by the graphics and label arrangement, is strongly reminiscent of the proto-wine world that the brand trades on. Perhaps Echo’s Fall’s idea is to try and convince retailers to shelve its Gin next to the existing wine range? We’ll soon see, the product is due to hit the stores imminently (In fact, get into Tesco – it’s there now)!!

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