Movos Beyond Beer

MillerCoors is moving faster, taking more risks and re-thinking its approach to innovation.

You either innovate or die

Sofia Colucci, VP of innovations, MillerCoors

One manifestation of this path is innovation beyond beer.

MillerCoors Introduces a new to world Wine Spritzer brand

MOVO is a shiny-new 100-calorie wine spritzer brand made with real wine, natural ingredients and no sugar added. The 5.5 percent ABV drinks are set to go to test-market (in Canada) in three flavours, Raspberry Rosé, Peach White Blend and Blood Orange Sangria.

Root & branch helps big companies get from strategy to shelf faster.

The world is spinning. Drinks producers must respond to changing consumer preferences and attendant market opportunities – and do it faster. This is what we are geared up to do at R&B. We can help big companies work around internal development / production constraints, to get strong products developed and into test market in the shortest windows. Check out our services page for more information.

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